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Triskelion Triple Spiral Celtic Carbon Fiber Pendant and Leather Necklace by Sigil SG-111

Triskelion Triple Spiral Celtic  Carbon Fiber Pendant and Leather Necklace by SIGIL

In general, mandalas were tools to open and enrich the mind. These allowed people to sink into the depths of their souls and regain their balance in internal thoughts and external behaviors.

The triskelion symbol was a prominent Celtic symbol that represented the concept of completion and progress. The symbol looked like a three-legged wheel. The meaning of triskelion, represents actions, cycles, progress, revolution and competition, triskelion was a representation of a feeling of advancement.

The Triskele or Triple Spiral is said to be the oldest symbol of spirituality.


Product description:

Pendant material: 100% Genuine Carbon Fiber;

Necklace material: Natural Leather made in EU;

Necklace length: 70 cm.

The necklace lock is made of stainless steel.

Unisex model.


Safe Idolized Glamorous Ideal Legendary - SIGIL

- Genuine 3k twill carbon fiber pendant, glossy both sides.

- CNC milled of genuine carbon fiber material, creating an extremely light weight, high strenght and cool design.

- Practical and durable.

- Having a little piece of carbon fiber at your neck shows that you are sophisticated and like the new technology and luxury.

- It is a catchy object, a unique pendant.

- It makes the perfect gift.

- Brand new in original packaging.

- Designed and manufactured in EU by Sigil

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