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Handmade Wooden & Carbon Fiber Classic Style Bow Tie and shirt Cufflinks, silk velvet handkerchief & decorations


  • -the set contains: wooden bowtie with carbon fibre insertion and silk velvet decoration in various colors(red, black, blue, green); wooden shirt cufflinks with carbon fibre insertion, silk velvet handkerchief in different colors (red, black, green, blue)
  • -wooden bowtie with carbon fibre insertion
  • 50% Wood, 40% Silk Velvet, 10% Carbon Fiber
  • -the bow tie is 110x45 mm, with adjustable belt, the mid decoration is made of silk velvet, it has a personalized label/tag
  • -it is the perfect gift

The Carbon Fiber plays the leading part in this story. BlackStuff wants this "protagonist" to become versatile, to be taken out of the technology zone, leaving behind spacecrafts or racing cars.The carbon Fibre has become a "must have" even in our casual things. BlackStuff tries to bring it closer to people, by creating products we use daily and on special occasions. This set for men or women - wooden bow tie, shirt cufflinks and handkerchief is handmade, carefully designed and worked out. The carbon fibre union with wood means a unique blending of the technology into the classical style. This set is a luxury product since silk velvet, in various colors, is used alongside carbon fibre and wood. It is the perfect gift, unique in the world, out-of-this-world. The set can be worn daily or on special occasions. Blending of nature (wood) and technology (carbon fiber) with the gentle silk velvet touch, the set ( bowtie, shirtcufflinks and handkerchief) is a precious gift for your or friends, a unique creation all over the world. This unique creation is waitng to belong to you, it is a ”must have”!

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