Your CAR as a KEYCHAIN 100% Carbon Fiber!! Over 650 car models! You couldn't find yours? We can do it, contact us!

BlackStuff Genuine Carbon Fiber Contactless Door Hook Opener/Closer, Magic Scissors Touch Tool, Bottle Opener, Two Finger Grip, Powerful&Precise

Contactless Keychain with multipurpose use – Stay away from Germs and Bacteria With this super tool you do not have to touch all the necessary objects in your daylife like doorknobs at home, office, banks, the ATM & POS, the elevator buttons, the on/off lights switch, the toilet pusher and many more other items you do not want to touch with your fingers. Protect yourself and your family from germs. It can be easily cleaned up with wet wipes or soap and water. !!!! As a bonus this tool can also be used like a bottle opener !!!! The advantages of Genuine Carbon Fiber for this contactless key tool: - does not oxidize like metal; - does not scratch the door handle, the buttons or the touched surfaces; - very high resistance; - light weight; - luxurious look, suitable for any key, wallet; - elegant carbon black unisex look; - water resistant; - very easy to clean it up.   One side gloss, the other extra grip. CNC milled of genuine carbon fiber material, creating an extremely light weight, high strength and cool design. Practical and durable. The ring is engraved with BlackStuff logo and has a swivel; these components are dark gun metal color. Having a little piece of carbon fiber in your pocket shows that you are sophisticated and like the new technology and luxury. Fits any pocket. It is a catchy object, a unique keychain. It makes the perfect gift. Brand new in original packaging. Designed and manufactured in EU. Check out our other "Real Carbon Fiber" products! Use our magic contactless tool, especially made for you. The Carbon Fiber Contamination Defender is now with you, it has come to rescue you, avoid your enemies: viruses and bacteria. The defender keychain, always near you, helps you survive the Pandemics. Everywhere and anywhere you go take the Contamination Defender with you.
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